Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms
HSLDA | Top Stories 3011-03-30
Contrary to what one school district requested, homeschoolers do not have to use local forms or provide more information than the law requires when filing a notice of intent.

For Some, the World is a Classroom
HSLDA | In The News 2099-10-01

Bad Bill Averted
HSLDA | Top Stories 2099-05-09
Thanks to the skillful lobbying efforts of The Education Alliance, a division of Arkansas’ Family Council, a bill that would have threatened homeschoolers’ freedoms was never filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Homeschooled Math Prodigy Eyes Cambridge
HSLDA | In The News 2099-01-08

Fort Bliss school fair set for Wednesday at Centennial Club
Home Schooling News 2014-07-29

FORT BLISS >> The post's Child, Youth and School Services and School Liaison Services will hold their annual PK-12 Education Fair from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday at the Centennial Club, 11199 Sergeant Major Blvd. The event is free and open to all military families.

Mum jailed for letting 13-year-old son miss 174 days of school so she could have a lie-in
Home Schooling News 2014-07-28

The woman let her 13-year-old attend just 31 of 205 sessions at his school in Swansea, south Wales.

Knowlton Fine Arts homeschool co-op orientation is Aug. 29 in Columbia
false Knowlton Fine Ar">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2014-07-28</i><br /> Knowlton Fine Arts is a Christian non-denominational homeschool co-op that meets in the Knowlton Presbyterian Church, 3 Knowlton Road, Columbia, once a week from September to May.</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Mom is also the Dean</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">HSLDA | In The News</a> 2014-07-27</i><br /> </p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler says her 40-hour dance week can...</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-27</i><br /> <p>Tough stuff: Sia's Chandelier dancer Maddie Ziegler says she trains 40 hours a week as coach Abby Lee Miller explains she pushed Maddie to home school to further her career She found global fame as the dancer in Australian singer Sia's Chandelier video, which is nominated for two awards at next month's MTV Music Awards.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Wish I Was Here [2014] [R] - 6.4.8</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="</link> <description>homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</description> <language>en</language> <copyright>Yahoo News</copyright> <ttl>5</ttl> <incremental xmlns=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2014-07-27</i><br /> A stressed out actor (Zach Braff) is searching for his identity. Struggling financially, he daydreams, imagining himself as a superhero, while attempting to homeschool his children after his father (Mandy Patinkin) can no longer pay for their private school.</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">12-Year-Old Boy Headed To College After “Years” Of Homeschooling</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">HSLDA | In The News</a> 2014-07-26</i><br /> </p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Boy, 12, To Be College's Youngest Full-Time Pupil</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-26</i><br /> <p>A 12-year-old Southern California boy who hopes to become a computer engineer will be the youngest full-time student in the history of MiraCosta College when he enrolls next month.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Discrimination Issue Solved in Favor of Homeschool Family</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">HSLDA | Top Stories</a> 2014-07-25</i><br /> When an insurance company tried to deny a discount by questioning the legitimacy of a homeschooler’s report card, HSLDA intervened.</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Common Core State Standards Rejected</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">HSLDA | Top Stories</a> 2014-07-25</i><br /> North Carolina became the 10th state to reject Common Core academic standards and testing when the governor signed Senate Bill 812.</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">My Teen Won't Go to School</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-25</i><br /> <p>My 16-year-old daughter will not go to school. She seems to have a fear of school.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Where did the summer go?</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-24</i><br /> <p>It seems like yesterday we were lamenting the end of kindergarten and celebrating the start of summer.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Dole: Gay Marriage Holding Portman BackBy Ben Jacobs</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-23</i><br /> <p>The elder Republican implied the senator from Ohio has already risked too much with social conservatives to endorse an international convention they hate.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">'Wish I Was Here': Zach Braff's drab life lessons</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2014-07-23</i><br /> <p>Zach Braff's latest is sweet and thoughtful. The actor-director-writer contemplates life, death, family and pursuing one's dreams.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Group Warns UN Treaty on Persons with Disabilities Can Override Will of Parents</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="</link> <description>homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</description> <language>en</language> <copyright>Yahoo News</copyright> <ttl>5</ttl> <incremental xmlns=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2014-07-23</i><br /> PURCELLVILLE, Va. – A Christian homeschooling organization is warning that a UN treaty approved this week by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee may threaten the rights of American parents to make their own decisions about their child’s care if that child is disabled. On Tuesday, the Committee voted 12-6 in favor of the UN Convention […]</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Many African-Americans Choosing to Homeschool Children</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">HSLDA | In The News</a> 2014-07-23</i><br /> </p> </div> </div> <div id="footer"> The Christian Homeschool Network is built using <a href="">Living Stones</a>. </div> <a href=""><img src="" alt="Homeschool Top Sites - Best Homeschool Sites on the Internet" border="0" /></a> </body> </html>