Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A New Jersey family will not have to surrender their children to educational evaluations conducted by the public schools, thanks to the timely intervention of HSLDA.

Truant Officer Seeks Information
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A family new to homeschooling requested help when a truant officer showed up and asked if their children were obeying compulsory education laws.

Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms
HSLDA | Top Stories 3011-03-30
Contrary to what one school district requested, homeschoolers do not have to use local forms or provide more information than the law requires when filing a notice of intent.

More Florida Parents Choose Home Education
HSLDA | In The News 2104-08-21

For Some, the World is a Classroom
HSLDA | In The News 2099-10-01

Bad Bill Averted
HSLDA | Top Stories 2099-05-09
Thanks to the skillful lobbying efforts of The Education Alliance, a division of Arkansas’ Family Council, a bill that would have threatened homeschoolers’ freedoms was never filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Homeschooled Math Prodigy Eyes Cambridge
HSLDA | In The News 2099-01-08

HSLDA Responds to New IRS Proposed Regulation
HSLDA | Top Stories 2018-12-13
HSLDA opposes a proposed IRS regulation that would allow nonprofits to collect Social Security numbers from certain donors.

New Christian school aims to boost academics, personal development
Home Schooling News 2016-11-16

Hattiesburg non-profit United Christian Ministries started a bible study and mentorship program for children from low-income neighborhoods about 10 years ago, and turned those programs into United Christian Academy , a full-time school that opened in August . "Our goal is to take children from single-parent families, and actually see them become leaders in their community, in their churches and in their homes," said Jack Kennedy, president of United Christian Ministries and United Christian Academy.

Montana home schooling numbers on the rise - Billings Gazette
Home Schooling News 2016-11-15

Montana home schooling numbers on the rise Billings Gazette More and more students are being home-schooled in Montana and across the nation. It's still a small portion of overall students, but the total amount of Montana students who are home-schooled has more than tripled since 1990.

Hailee Steinfeld: 'Home schooling helped me escape the bullies' - Belfast Telegraph
Home Schooling News 2016-11-15

Hailee Steinfeld: ' Home schooling helped me escape the bullies' Belfast Telegraph The True Grit star insists she wasn't home schooled as a direct result of the torment she experienced - but it came at a good time for her.

State education leaders react to Trump's school choice plan
Home Schooling News 2016-11-14

President-elect Donald Trump wants to implement the School Choice and Education Opportunity Act by redirecting education dollars. The act would allow families to decide where education funds attached to their child could be spent.

Homeschooling Doubled in Size, Became More Diverse, Dept. of Ed. Report Shows
HSLDA | In The News 2016-11-13

Reflections on the Election
HSLDA | Top Stories 2016-11-13
So what does Trump’s election mean for issues of concern to homeschooling families and related communities?

How Do Parents Prepare to Home School? - Education Week
Home Schooling News 2016-11-11

How Do Parents Prepare to Home School ? Education Week A large majority of home schooling parents said they chose to home school their children because of concerns over the environment in their original schools.

Timely Letter Resolves Truancy Case
HSLDA | Top Stories 2016-11-10
Their daughter was doing great just 10 days into her homeschooling program. So why were they summoned to a truancy hearing?

District Urges Parents to Teach Common Core
HSLDA | Top Stories 2016-11-10
In a letter, the local public school district tried to scare parents into enrolling their children in state online public school programs.

School system waits to see changes
Home Schooling News 2016-11-10

Compulsory education from the age of five, more demanding admission exams to university teaching programmes, or rising teachers' salaries. Education Minister Peter PlavA an introduced his draft national education programme in October.

School of Fear
Home Schooling News 2016-11-09

Growing up in Los Angeles, we had no choice but to attend the elementary, middle and high schools that we were assigned to by officials with the Los Angeles Unified School District. We were literally stuck and our parents had no option but to comply.

Home-schooling rises sharply among Montreal's Hasidic families - Montreal Gazette
Home Schooling News 2016-11-09

Home-schooling rises sharply among Montreal's Hasidic families Montreal Gazette In the months after police and social workers raided an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school to investigate allegations of educational neglect, more than 400 Hasidic families have signed home-schooling contracts with the English Montreal School Board.

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