Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A New Jersey family will not have to surrender their children to educational evaluations conducted by the public schools, thanks to the timely intervention of HSLDA.

Truant Officer Seeks Information
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A family new to homeschooling requested help when a truant officer showed up and asked if their children were obeying compulsory education laws.

Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms
HSLDA | Top Stories 3011-03-30
Contrary to what one school district requested, homeschoolers do not have to use local forms or provide more information than the law requires when filing a notice of intent.

More Florida Parents Choose Home Education
HSLDA | In The News 2104-08-21

For Some, the World is a Classroom
HSLDA | In The News 2099-10-01

Bad Bill Averted
HSLDA | Top Stories 2099-05-09
Thanks to the skillful lobbying efforts of The Education Alliance, a division of Arkansas’ Family Council, a bill that would have threatened homeschoolers’ freedoms was never filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Homeschooled Math Prodigy Eyes Cambridge
HSLDA | In The News 2099-01-08

HSLDA Responds to New IRS Proposed Regulation
HSLDA | Top Stories 2018-12-13
HSLDA opposes a proposed IRS regulation that would allow nonprofits to collect Social Security numbers from certain donors.

New Christian Book Empowers Low-Cost Breakthroughs in Home Schooling...
Home Schooling News 2017-01-09

New Christian Book Empowers Low-Cost Breakthroughs in Home Schooling and Self Learning Christian News Wire Individuals can enhance their own skills and knowledge with this method. Parents of home-schooled children and those who cannot afford to pay for, but need, more education will particularly benefit.

Homeschool Diplomas not Good Enough to Keep Jobs?
HSLDA | In The News 2017-01-08

U.S. Virgin Islands: Activists Propel Homeschool-Friendly Bill
HSLDA | Top Stories 2017-01-08
A small, plucky group of islanders persuaded the legislature to pass a bill that would end the Board of Education’s arbitrary regime over homeschooling rules.

Superintendent: Homeschooling Inferior to Public Schools
HSLDA | In The News 2017-01-06

Workshop shows new ways to teach math to children
Home Schooling News 2017-01-06

Donna Cole will be hosting two workshops in the Central Okanagan to help parents and teachers learn new ways to teach children math. "We use blocks and have children verbalize the math concept before we move on to drawings and then using traditional equations."

Parents worry extra $50M funding for B.C. schools will do little for special needs students
Home Schooling News 2017-01-06

Many special needs students in B.C. don't have access to education assistants, says spokesperson Tracey Humphreys of the B.C. Parents of Special Needs Children. He also doesn't have the support of an educational assistant - support she says he desperately needs since his teacher has to watch over the other 30 students in the class.

Homeschool: A Cheaper and More Flexible Option
HSLDA | In The News 2017-01-04

Home-school families rally against changes
Home Schooling News 2017-01-03

FLEXIBILE: Wodonga's Veronica McPherson says her children, Theo, 2, and Josie, 5, should have freedom to learn at home. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE A draft plan proposes the Victorian Regulation and Qualifications Authority be authorised to review family arrangements "to make sure they are providing a quality education to their children".

Official Implies Homeschool Programs are Inferior
HSLDA | Top Stories 2017-01-02
Public school superintendent tried to recruit homeschool students by suggesting their programs are less “rigorous.”

Diploma Showdown at the Kid Corral
HSLDA | Top Stories 2017-01-02
Two Arizona women lost their jobs after state officials claimed they needed “certified” diplomas.

2016: A Year of Victories and New Challenges
HSLDA | Top Stories 2017-01-02
As 2016 closes and a new year opens, there is good news and bad news for homeschooling.

Homeschool Students Use Break for Community Service
HSLDA | In The News 2017-01-01

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