Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A New Jersey family will not have to surrender their children to educational evaluations conducted by the public schools, thanks to the timely intervention of HSLDA.

Truant Officer Seeks Information
HSLDA | Top Stories 3015-03-29
A family new to homeschooling requested help when a truant officer showed up and asked if their children were obeying compulsory education laws.

Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms
HSLDA | Top Stories 3011-03-30
Contrary to what one school district requested, homeschoolers do not have to use local forms or provide more information than the law requires when filing a notice of intent.

More Florida Parents Choose Home Education
HSLDA | In The News 2104-08-21

For Some, the World is a Classroom
HSLDA | In The News 2099-10-01

Bad Bill Averted
HSLDA | Top Stories 2099-05-09
Thanks to the skillful lobbying efforts of The Education Alliance, a division of Arkansas’ Family Council, a bill that would have threatened homeschoolers’ freedoms was never filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Homeschooled Math Prodigy Eyes Cambridge
HSLDA | In The News 2099-01-08

School District Says Child Too Old to Homeschool
HSLDA | Top Stories 2016-01-15
HSLDA explained to a local public school official that a mother was perfectly within her rights to begin homeschooling her 17-year-old daughter.

End of a Case, but HSLDA’s Mission Continues
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-10-05
The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of a family whose Fourth Amendments rights were violated a decade ago when social workers threatened to take their children.

School District Wrongly Denies Archery Participation
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-10-05
HSLDA helped a member family whose son had been denied participation in a public school archery program.

More Regulation Not Needed
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-10-05
When a prominent daily newspaper recommended stricter regulation of homeschooling, HSLDA’s attorney for South Dakota replied. His letter showed that the proposed restrictions would be unfair and ineffective.

HSLDA Defeats Federal Student Tracking
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-10-05
The federal government recently tried to track the students of every military family to learn whether they are private-schooled, public-schooled, or homeschooled. HSLDA formed a coalition to thwart this plan.

Issues Keep Changing, but HSLD’s Defense Stays Solid
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-10-05
HSLDA recently protected a homeschooled student’s child support when the state tried to cut it off prematurely.

Middle School Social Studies Tutor - Homeschooling Coop
Home Schooling News 2015-10-01

Catholic Coop Home schooling group on Vashon Island looking for 5th to 8th grade Tutor to start immediately and to continue for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year. We are looking for a Catholic/Christian tutor for the 2015-2016 school year for a small coop group on Vashon Island.

Young adult novel a Wondera is community read choice in Claremont
Home Schooling News 2015-10-01

In Claremont, we're reading “Wonder,” a young adult novel by R.J. Palacio , this year's choice of Friends of the Claremont Library for its On the Same Page community read. It's the story of Auggie Pullman, a boy born with a facial deformity who, after years of home schooling and seclusion, begins attending public school, where he must learn to deal with students and adults, some kind, some cruel.

Angela Williams talks about her new book "My Child is Going to be Rich & Famous"
Home Schooling News 2015-10-01

Angela Williams is an ordained minister and gospel/R&B singer and songwriter by calling, a personal business manager by experience, a writer, producer and author by profession, and life coach/spiritual parent by purpose. She is also a devoted wife of 28 years and mom to three incredible young men: Tyler James Williams , Tyrel Jackson Williams and Tylen Jacob Williams who also happen to be wildly talented performers with extensive histories in the entertainment world.

The Not-So-Mysterious Method of Enhancing Customer Service
Home Schooling News 2015-10-01

It was summer, and I was visiting my friend and former college roommate, Toni, in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Her parents own a local store for home schooling.

School Officials Demand to Review Curriculum Content
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-09-29
More than a dozen homeschooling families involved in a local Classical Conversations group received unsettling letters from local school officials. The letters asked each parent to provide additional documentation so the content of their history and geography curriculum could be verified. Only those families using the same Foundations curriculum received these letters.

Yikes! Is that Online?
HSLDA | Top Stories 2015-09-29
A new law in Virginia strengthened privacy protection for homeschoolers—which made it more shocking to one HSLDA member family when they found their religious exemption paperwork had been posted online.

The "overwhelming majority" of home educated children are safe, says senior Worcestershire Tory
Home Schooling News 2015-09-29

THE senior politician in charge of children's social care in Worcestershire has defended parents who home school - saying "the overwhelming majority" of youngsters are safe. Councillor John Campion, the county council's cabinet member for children and families, also insisted he has faith in the staff to weed out any parents trying to play the system.

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