Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms
HSLDA | Top Stories 3011-03-30
Contrary to what one school district requested, homeschoolers do not have to use local forms or provide more information than the law requires when filing a notice of intent.

More Florida Parents Choose Home Education
HSLDA | In The News 2104-08-21

For Some, the World is a Classroom
HSLDA | In The News 2099-10-01

Bad Bill Averted
HSLDA | Top Stories 2099-05-09
Thanks to the skillful lobbying efforts of The Education Alliance, a division of Arkansas’ Family Council, a bill that would have threatened homeschoolers’ freedoms was never filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Homeschooled Math Prodigy Eyes Cambridge
HSLDA | In The News 2099-01-08

No exit, no voice
Home Schooling News 2015-01-22

Common Core State Standards, created behind closed doors, has denied the public a voice in their schools and challenged their loyalty , writes Bill Evers in Education Next . There's no escape from the Core: Private schools and even home-schooling parents have to teach to the standards if they want students to do well on the Core-aligned SATs.

Enterprises TV to Feature E-learning Options Segment
Home Schooling News 2015-01-22

Enterprises TV is set to air a segment about the options available in e-learning. Todays digital world often leads the way in many aspects of daily life.

Bill aims to raise high school dropout age from 16 to 18
Home Schooling News 2015-01-22

Bills to increase the minimum dropout age and provide state funding for students over age 18 have come before the Montana Legislature. Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau introduced the bills alongside two Democratic lawmakers Wednesday in the Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee.

Kindy kids face the challenge of big school
Home Schooling News 2015-01-22

PARENTS will probably be breathing a sigh of relief next week as children return to school after nearly two months of holidays. BIG STEP: Starting school for the first time this year are Tobias McPherson-Behrens, who will be going to Bomaderry Public School, Gloria Latu, who will be home schooled, Jayleigh Varty-Fenton, who will be attending Berry Public School, Mackenzie Giddings, who will be going to Nowra Christian School and Koby Wellington who will be going to Nowra East Public School next week.

Mohawk study offers ideas for saving money
Home Schooling News 2015-01-22

The state's geographically largest public school system is also the most sparsely populated: the 253-square mile Mohawk Trail Regional School District encompasses almost 530 road miles, yet has a density of less than two school students per mile, according to the Long Range Planning Committee.

No More Interrogation For Virginia Homeschool Families
false Hi">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2015-01-22</i><br /> No More Interrogation For Virginia Homeschool Families Virginia School District Repeals Policy No More Interrogation For Virginia Homeschool Families Religion Homeschooling, homeschooled, virgnia, virginia school district, Goochland, policy, Has Been Optimized The Virginia school district has finally decided to “scrap a policy that allowed it to interrogate Christian homeschool teenagers and ...</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Proposal: Home school students could play public school sports</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-21</i><br /> <p>Home schooled and other students in Nebraska could be on public schools' sports teams, under a bill introduced in the Legislature. The bill, introduced on Jan. 8 by Sen. Bill Kintner of Omaha, is essentially an extension of an existing law, which allows students in private, denominational or parochial schools to be part-time students in public schools within their district.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Your Opinion: Home-schooling story lacks quality</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-21</i><br /> <p>After reading the recent front-page story entitled "As home-school numbers rise, regulation falls" I was extremely disappointed to discover a shocking lack of quality throughout the article. To begin with, one would hope that an article re-published from another news source would be scanned for basic grammatical and factual errors.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Historic Columbia offers hands-on fun for home-schoolers</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="</link> <description>homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</description> <language>en</language> <copyright>Yahoo News</copyright> <ttl>5</ttl> <incremental xmlns="">false</incremental> <item><title>Historic Columbi">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2015-01-21</i><br /> Historic Columbia invites all homeschool students to enjoy hands-on activities while learning and exploring different themes and historic sites at Homeschool Fridays, held on the first Friday of each month. Click to Continue »</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">7 Christian Homeschool Children Taken From Parents; Dad Claims It Was Over 'Miracle' Drug MMS, Police Say It Was for ...</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="</link> <description>homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</description> <language>en</language> <copyright>Yahoo News</copyright> <ttl>5</ttl> <incremental xmlns=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2015-01-21</i><br /> A Christian homeschool family in Arkansas is claiming that state and county police agents wrongfully removed their seven children from their home after they conducted a warranted search of their property to look for a medicinal "miracle" supplement that is thought to cure cancer and AIDS.</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">The bizarre nanny requests of the rich and famous revealed</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-20</i><br /> <p>Cardiac surgeon critically wounded by gunman who 'asked for him by name', then opened fire before killing himself in Boston hospital How doctors keep young: Their biggest secret? They will do anything to steer clear of other doctors! Learn from them by avoiding medicines and ops you don't need EXCLUSIVE PICTURE: The bully shamed by award-winning author who tracked him down 40 years after torment that ruined his childhood Childcare agency Abigail Madison Nanny and Household Staffing posts a variety of advertisements for household staff on its Facebook page The Facebook page for a high-end nanny agency in New York has turned into a real life version of the hit 2002 novel The Nanny Diaries, revealing some of the most over-the-top requests made by rich families seeking household help.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Parents Oppose District’s Policy of ‘Interrogating’ Homeschoolers on Religious Beliefs</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="</link> <description>homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</description> <language>en</language> <copyright>Yahoo News</copyright> <ttl>5</ttl> <incremental xmlns=\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\">false</incremental>">homeschool - Yahoo News Search Results</a> 2015-01-20</i><br /> GOOCHLAND, Va. – Hundreds of concerned parents in Virginia recently voiced opposition to a controversial policy that allows school officials to grill homeschool parents and students on their religious beliefs. In 2013, Goochland County Public Schools began requiring homeschool parents to reapply for a religious exemption to public education once their children turn 14 years […]</p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Anger as children left out in the cold in Upper Nithsdale</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-19</i><br /> <p>Affected children in Upper Nithsdale will have to walk three miles to school with no lighting or footpaths. Angry councillor John Syme believes the village should be seen as a "special case" to ensure kids are kept safe.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Back to class for Hawaii's blended schools</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-18</i><br /> <p>It was back to class this week for thousands of public school students, including some in Hawaii's blended schools. Nine-year-old Kahale Winchester was in the classroom Wednesday, but he normally does most of his schoolwork at home.</p></p> <p><b><a target="_blank" href="">Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family...</a></b><br /> <i><a target="_blank" href="">Home Schooling News</a> 2015-01-18</i><br /> <p>The need to amend the Bill of Rights to protect medical freedom in America is now greater than ever. Yesterday, government thugs in Hot Springs, Arkansas raided and searched the home of a couple who were in possession of a simple mineral supplement called Miracle Mineral Solution .</p></p> </div> </div> <div id="footer"> The Christian Homeschool Network is built using <a href="">Living Stones</a>. </div> <a href=""><img src="" alt="Homeschool Top Sites - Best Homeschool Sites on the Internet" border="0" /></a> </body> </html>